Our company builds applications for iOS devices like the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad™.  We are focused on providing useful applications and educational games for families.  

Our Products

Spot Bingo

Spot Bingo is a game where you pick your location or Spot, and then try to match words or phrases on your game card.  Make 5 in a row and you have won that card.  

iPhone and iPad (2x) available

Family Bank 

This App allows you to track your children's allowances on your iOS devices.  Keep track of everyone’s money and how it is spent during the year.  

iPhone and iPad (2x) available

Letter Rain 

This is a game that challenges the user to capture the falling letters and create as many words as possible in 2 minutes.  The bigger the word the better.  Use bonus tiles to complete your word and get extra points and achievements.

iPad version available.

Score Genie

This is simply a game scoring App.  Keep track of any game that use player scores.  Select the game type, number of players, and starting score to get started.   Multiple screen types and support for 2-10 players.

iPhone and iPad versions available.

Bag of Picks

 Bag of Picks is a simple utility program that allows you to create your own lists of choices.  When you “shake” it, the app randomly makes a choice.  Our app uses fun animations and graphics to make the decision. 

iPhone version available.